Friday, November 4, 2011

sketches with sketchers

Now that the Italian Sketchers have returned home, life in Istanbul has returned to its October grey. I was delighted to be around fellow sketchers again, as it can be quite isolating and demotivating in Istanbul, having failed at finding other sketchers who will actually show up when you invite them to draw with you. We visited my favourite tea garden, the Firuzağa Çaybahçesi, we wandered around the colourful, crumbling streets of Balat, and we sketched the B. Arda, much to the bafflement of the boat's owner, Bülent, who was working intensely on something metallic aboard the boat. We gathered a crowd of curious fishermen and passerbys, who praised us with many a "Vaaayyy!" and "Çok güzel!" and "Harika," some trying to snap pictures of us with their phones. After some time, Bülent came ashore to offer us grapes, on a small porcelain platter.

Sketching the B. Arda.

I think I need to look into airfare to Rome!


Julia Kelly said...

Your pictures are always so fun- but the sketches are amazing- looks like it was a wonderful day!

Duru said...

gerçekten harika olmuşlar! ♥

szaza said...

Thank you both so much!
It was wonderful, truly.