Tuesday, July 8, 2014

donkeys and dung

The landscapes in Turkey vary so much, that you swear you were in a different country an hour ago. We have moved from mountains to vast arid plains, to farmland— and back. With the change of landscape, the construction of houses in villages change drastically (with exception to the omnipresent cement blocks), as do the creatures that have been domesticated within those villages. Outside Bolu we came across stone and wooden houses; some with tin roofs, and here outside Kulu, homes are beautifully constructed out of wooden support beams and sun-dried dung. Donkeys and sheep are plentiful, instead of the water buffalo and cows in Kartalkaya.

Then there's this little fellow:

Meet the Anatolian Souslik, a cheeky ground squirrel that runs rampant in these parts. Isn't it lovely?

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