Friday, March 13, 2009

salted green apples

There was a brief bit of blue today which felt encouraging. Then it rained again. Torrential at times, complete with rumbling thunder. After snapping this photo, I turned around to discover a group of about 80 white storks flying in the distance. They were easy to spot with their outstretched necks and legs, silently floating beneath the clouds. Spring is on its way.

My 365 Challenge has fallen behind due to a nasty three-day migraine I've been recovering from. I felt devastated that I wasn't keeping up with the painting, but I just couldn't. I've decided that I'll paint an extra painting a day to make up for those missing days, since my goal is to have 365 pieces. Tomorrow I'll have some work to post— still lifes and a Moly entry. I have four Moleskines I'm working on right now: Anna's from Moly-X13, Jan's from Moly-X48, Chensio's from Moly-X34 and my own book for Moly-X64. I know I've got some more on the way, this is the challenge of being in eight exchanges, but I love it and feel that I keep the books rolling.

Anna Denise's Moly for Moleskine Exchange 13.


ksklein said...

The moly looks so colorful. Great!
Green apples with salt? I haven´t tried that, but I´m going to. In India we used to eat green mangoes with salt.

Lady Orlando said...

And you have one more coming from me soon *evil laugh*

Is so sad to know that you're behind in your daily paitings because of migraine, but I know that soon you'll be working again doing all those fabulous things :)