Friday, July 24, 2009


No errand-filled day can begin without a good hit of caffeine. I have been getting coffee from Issa and Sue at Coffee Cabin for over four years. Greeted with a smile and a story, my SF days would always start out happy. If you find yourself at the corner of Bush and Hyde, stop in and say hi to Issa. Get a coffee or a bagel and sit for a while.

In between errands, I stopped to get my hair cut by the most fantastic hairdresser I know, Zack at Backstage Salon on Polk. Zack has been responsible for my incredible hairstyles— seriously, people used to stop me on the street and ask me who did my hair. He is one of the nicest and most talented hairdressers I have ever met. When I first went in years ago, my hair was mid-way down my back. I told him he could do whatever he wanted. I walked out of the salon with the most stylish modern bob. I know hairdressers in Turkey are supposed to be amazing, but my experiences have been less than stellar, to put it lightly. I decided to wait to have Zack fix my 'do.

Rachel and I met up for frites and wine at Frjtz on Hayes Street. The fries here are so very close to the delicious frites that are served up in newsprint cones in Belgium. You have a delicious choice of dipping sauces and there are also some fantastic salads and crepes to choose from. I really only ever went for the frites. Hayes Street is a quiet, fun street with supercool shops and restaurants. I highly recommend taking a stroll down Hayes if you visit SF. It isn't as mad as Haight, quieter and funkier than Union, and smaller than Polk.


Anna Denise said...

Aww that old man looks so nice!

I think you should come visit me in Brussels BTW! They've got good fries here!

szaza said...

Issa is the best.
I will have to visit you! I haven't been back to Brussels in 16 years! And the frites truly are the best in the world. That's where they originated, you know :)

Anna Denise said...

I know! :-)
We have a spare bedroom, so you are always very welcome to come by! :-)