Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fluevog creative

Fluevog has opened their doors to us shoe lovers to create an ad for a selection of their oh-so fabulous shoes. The lucky winners get to have their artwork, name and url printed over 250,000 times in the snazziest of magazines— oh and to top it off, $1000 worth of Fluevogs! Did I enter?
You betcha. I sent my drawing in at the last minute for my shoe, the Mini Zaza, and as fantastic luck would have it, I'm one of the finalists!
Am I hopping up and down as I type this?
Yes, yes I am.

So dear friends, if you like my ad, go to and vote for me.
If you feel moved by the shoes currently involved (and I'm sure you will be), enter your own creation for a chance at shoe heaven.

Also, if you have a dream shoe kicking around in your brain and would like a chance at getting it made into a real shoe, draw it up and submit it to
Fluevog's Open Source Footwear. If your shoe is chosen, you have the glory of having a Fluevog named after you! It's a marvellous thing, I tell you.


Thomas Taylor said...

Vote cast. Hey, you're winning! Good luck anyway:)

Yours is the best. Are these shoes named after you, or something?

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Thomas!
Fingers and toes crossed.

Yes they are :)


Szaza, I took a look at the competition site, and you have over 50% of the votes already. i cast my vote, but it was not under question. Your hairy lady did it for me!

Balaji said...

I like the sketch and the copy. Good have my vote and you are in the lead right now.

szaza said...

Thank you so much Balaji!
I'm so happy you like it :)

Chris Menice said...

Great job Samantha! I voted for you and will do so every day if I remember :D

Your entry is the best by far.

szaza said...

Thank you ever so much, dear Chris.
I really appreciate it!

lilasvb said...

first time i come on your blog, i am gonna follow you, i love your shoes

szaza said...

Lilasvb— thank you so much!
I'm so happy you like my shoes!

Julie said...

Your design is the best, good luck!

szaza said...

Thanks for your vote, Julie!