Saturday, May 8, 2010

beautiful botero

I've never wanted to jump into a painting until yesterday.

Botero exhibit at the PeraI've never wanted to run off with a painting until yesterday.

I've never wanted to meet an artist I admire until yesterday.

Mr. Botero, if by lucky fortune you ever read this, I would love to have a coffee with you. I don't want to talk about anything in particular, I just want to share a cup and watch the light change with you.


Javier de Blas said...

This monkey feels so satisfied himself for having such a sexy girlfriend...But careful with the wild bests arround!
Hahaha, Botero is like sleeping in a veery soft and fluffy mattress.

szaza said...

It was such a wonderful exhibition—
I plan on going again and again!

Javier de Blas said...

No doubt, Samantha. I saw the pictures scale at your facebook post. It must be amazing. He´s so kind and at the same time so ironic and also so clean that must be wonderful to see those huge paintings. I've only seen some sculptures.