Sunday, February 6, 2011

getting back into it

After Moleskine Exchanges 64, 24 and 29 fell apart and one of my books disappeared somewhere between Australia and Mexico, I must admit I had become a little disenchanted with the whole exchange experience. I've been participating in Moleskine exchanges for three years, and I think I just got a little tired— and life eventually got in the way.

Lately I've felt something was missing in my life and the little black books piled on my desk with blank pages waiting for me, reminded me of how much I had loved participating in these exchanges. I had befriended so many artists from around the world and we had shared our artwork— a truly magical experience. I realised I needed to get back into it and hopefully, inspire some of the other disenchanted artists to do the same. So much beautiful artwork has been produced in three years, and it would be such a pity to let it all just fall apart.

Well dear Rose, here is your book. I am terribly sorry for keeping it empty for so long— I do hope you will like it.

Above is the entry in my missing book... Where in the world could it be?


EscapeHatch said...

Samantha, that is a truly beautiful entry. Your moly_x books have always been some of my very favorites, with dream-like narratives and virtuoso drawing...can't express how much I love your work!

I've been thinking about our failed group 64 a bit too...I'm sending your a longer message with some thoughts on that.

Regardless, this is wonderful (if a bit belated!) gift for Rose.

lilasvb said...

this is juste beautifull

Rose Hudson said...

Amazing... I'm speechless! I honestly completely forgot about this book, all the exchanges I'm in have been at a stand still for a long time now so it never really entered my brain!
Anywho, what was I saying? yes...amazing!! everything flows so nicely... god I love your style so much. This will be something to treasure forever I can assure you. I really don't mind the wait for an entry I'm just so glad my book was in such safe hands!
I really hope your book turns up, I know how it feels to loose a moleskine in an exchange :/It's really disheartening!x

Yelnoc said...

I'm a victim of two missing books through exchange. One just disappeared. The other, one of the members had about three books then quit all conversations with people. He kept posting on Flickr, so it wasn't like something happened to him, he just took our books and disregarded our contact attempts. I guess its just the chance we take in doing this. I used to be extremely protective of my artwork. These groups have taught me to freely give. I've gained a lot of joy from learning this lesson.

I agree with Tim. You're exchange entrys have always been my favorites. I'm so glad to see this post by you!

szaza said...

Thank you so very much, Tim, Lila, Rose and Yelnoc!

Rose, I am so happy you like it, and once more, I apologise for keeping it for so long. Expect it in the mail :)

Yelnoc, it is indeed frustrating when someone hoards books and drops communication! I have four books out there that I haven't a clue where they are, and then there's the one that had never made it to Mexico. It makes me sad, all that work... but it is a risk and an exercise in trust. I hope your books make it home to you.