Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My dear friends, I apologise for my long absence— I've been stuck indoors with my postgraduate work and teaching that I've had absolutely no time to explore my dear city or travel. The weather has been dismal and cold enough to be uncomfortable, and this restricted feeling has been getting me down. I long for coffee shops and meandering walks, I long for birdsong and most of all, I long for the freedom of travel. My studies are almost over, and I can hardly wait. I have two possible trips loosely planned in my head for April, which has been the light at the end of this very grey tunnel I've been stuck in. I have a break next week which I am looking forward to, and if the weather permits, I plan on sketching outdoors and getting to know my Istanbul again.


black bear cabin said...

hang in will be over before you know it! in the meantime, get out for a quick will rejuvenate your soul!

szaza said...

Thank you, Lisa!