Sunday, November 18, 2012

the passing of time

The After School Artists Exhibition at SMD marks the end of another wonderful adventure in Nepal. It gets harder and harder to go, and the knowledge that this may be the last time I see some of my students, leaves me with the feeling of a stone in my chest. There is no room at the school past tenth grade— and when I ask my tenth grade students what will happen next, they smile, shake their heads Nepali-style, and simply say "I don't know."

These past few months have been overwhelming in many ways, and I haven't known what to write, or what to share. I miss my kids. They have become such a large part of my life, and come June, I hope I'll see all of their smiling faces. If I find that my tenth graders have moved from Kathmandu, I'll just have to find them, and visit them elsewhere.


Julia Kelly said...

I love kids and art anywhere in the world!!!!

szaza said...

They are really inspiring little creatures, this bunch. I love them so much!