Monday, March 25, 2013

a delicious discovery

Nearly every day, I pass this tiny hole-in-the-wall fish restaurant on my way home from work, that catches my eye and yet escapes my memory when brainstorming dinner ideas. The little hand-printed signs in the window advertise a four lira fish soup and a take-away option, which I reported back to Pedro with great enthusiasm. So the weekend before last, when we were both racked with a terrible cough and feeling incapable of cooking, Balikçi and its soup came to mind.

Though we were focused on the idea of soup, we were delighted to see a pile of scallops lying on a bed of lemons in the vitrine by the door, and when it was confirmed that they were "Taze— very fresh!" by the owner, we ordered a portion. Indeed they were fresh, and smelled of the sea— and the little morsels of meat were so sweet.

The soup itself was mild and soothing, with plenty of flavour and a generous amount of fish. I believe that soups have a magical ability to heal any woe, and so I squeezed in the lemon and hoped that this one would cure us of our nasty cough. It's refreshing to have a delicious alternative to the ubiquitous kebab, and one that doesn't hurt the wallet— plus the guys at Balikçi were really nice. I suspect this little place will fast become one of our favourites.

Süslü Saksı Sok. No: 28 /
Beyoğlu // 212. 244. 4553


dinahmow said...

It's 5.25am and you're making me drool!

szaza said...

Haha! I can't help it. I think food occupies about 75% of my thoughts :)

albina said...

Mmmm, that fish soup looks so good... All the food you tell us about looks sooooooo good :)