Sunday, March 17, 2013

sketches of oman, part 1

The Mutrah Fish Souq was one of the first places I sketched in Oman, among the heaps of brilliantly coloured fish, and the men who had brought them ashore. Pedro and I ended up spending a good two hours there, sketching portraits of both the fishmongers and their catch. This garnered us a great deal of attention and appreciation— everyone was so nice at the market, that I wish we were able to spend more time there.

The very stern-looking man on the right is Said, better known to his fellow fishmongers as Captain Titanic. He tolerated sitting fairly still for us for a good fifteen minutes, and seemed delighted with his portraits.


Scott Renk said...

beautiful work Samantha.

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Scott.

Susanna Artessenza said...

very nice sketchs.

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Susanna!