Saturday, January 11, 2014

and speaking of breakfast

There are two things I think Americans do best: burgers and breakfast. Now my ideal breakfast was discovered on a trip to Vietnam (a little phở, fresh mangoes, dragonfruit, Vietnamese coffee), and I do love a little Van-style kahvaltı, but there's nothing like pancakes and maple syrup with bacon (or sausage), some eggs, home fries and buttery toast. It can easily slide into overkill, but it's so, so good! Plus, you can find variations on the big American breakfast in every region— California is all about adding a Mexican touch and greens, the South has their own thing with grits (which I have yet to experience), and New England has johnnycakes and lobsta.

At least once a week during the holidays, my mum raved about the breakfasts at Kitchen Cravings, so
on one of our last days in New Hampshire, my family, Pedro and I squeezed ourselves into the car and drove ever so gently on icy roads to the little café in Gilford. The menu offered your usual choices, but also gave you the option to create your own omelettes and Eggs Benedict— something I just could not resist. How could I improve upon a Benedict? It's a sumptuous construction of English muffin, thick bacon, and velvety poached eggs smothered in Hollandaise— what more could one want?

To honour the Californian in me I added avocados (scoff at this if you must, East Coasters), and replaced the bacon with a truly New England treat: lobster. Besides, where am I going to get lobster in Turkey? But really, look closer:

It was insanely good. Sweet, buttery, and tangy, I will fantasize about this dish for a long time. In the odd chance you visit the little town of Gilford, do plan on making a stop at Kitchen Cravings. I don't know about their lunches, but I imagine a place that does breakfast so right will do justice to lunch too.


Dan Waters said...

Just before I wandered over to this delicious post, I was remembering a trip to Portland, one of my favorite breakfast cities. At the Byways Cafe I man bought me breakfast, maybe because he like the story I told him about hitching up the cost to meat a friend of mine in Canada. I sensed some kinda of memory of his own relating to my journey, when he for no reason but his own, paid for my sausage gravy and biscuits, I did asked but he paid and said good luck... A smiley kind of memory. A memory of one of the best things on the earth, Breakfast.

szaza said...

What a wonderful story in itself! The random connecting with strangers is such a wonderful part of being human, and being alive. Food and tea (or coffee) is a great facilitator in this!