Sunday, December 13, 2015


Today, Harika turns seven— that's seven years of my life that I've been sharing with you! Twenty-three countries, a stack of sketchbooks that's approaching my hip, and so many delicious meals and glasses of tea. We've swapped çay for thé à la menthe, the Bosphorus for the Atlantic. We've seen the Himalaya, and drawn giant heads on Nemrut Dağı.

You read my stories, and commented on my photos and sketches— something that you reminded me I need to do more of. I'd like to thank you for seven years of kind words and encouragement— teşekkürler, obrigada, merci!


dinahmow said...

Well done! Even when you don't write, you show.Glimpses of other lives, beauty, even pain.

6 weeks ago I crossed the 70 mark and the blog turned 9.Hard to believe.

szaza said...

Thank you— and a congratulations to you!
Time is a funny thing, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Thank you for seven years of showing us the world and your marvelous sketches and ink drawings. (Not to mention for making us very hungry with all the pictures of delicious food from all of the countries that you visit!) I have enjoyed every post so much.

Anonymous said...

Time is a funny thing... I forget when I found your blog via Urban Sketchers, but I have enjoyed every moment of my armchair follow. Thank you.

barbara said...

Your sketches, your pictures, your comments and stories.....for that we thank you!

I've already gushed over your art and meant every word, love your perspective and subject matter of your pictures.....and here I am in danger of "gushing" again.

Late November I turned real biggie, but when I think of the age of my children (adults in their 40's) and my nieces (approaching menopause?!!!)....that's what really makes me gasp! Because in my head I am in my twenties and very much skinnier...time is funny alright but denial can be even funnier!

Pedro Loureiro said...

Congratulations! And thank you for all the good things that you share here! The lovely sketches, the delicious photos and last but not the least, your wonderful writing! See you soon

szaza said...

Thank you all so much!

Barbara— I think the head stops in the twenties, because I still feel like I'm there too, though a bit wiser. The elevator in my apartment building has this really harsh light which showcases every wrinkle and white hair achieved— Pedro and I call it the Elevator of Truth. Time is a funny thing... I think I should take the stairs!

See you soon, Loureiro!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing these many little things!