Friday, October 6, 2017

hello autumn

It's my favourite time of the year. Leaves turn colours, their dry scent carried on cool breezes. Except that I am in Rabat and it's in the high thirties, and I am a sweaty, stinky mess. Nevertheless, it's autumn, and there's the botanical garden with some leaves to crunch through— plus the streets near the Peace Corps building have nice, big piles of yellow. No sweaters, no scarves, no hygge— yet.

I wait for the weather to turn.

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Rob Dunlavey said...

Samantha, I'm about to call it a day after a night of catching up on computer-related tasks. But before switching off, I choose Harika over some news site. Thanks for your steadiness. I know, life is fragile, we are fragile. But we are strong --and that is why I tune in. Thank you.

I thought of you and your blog last night when I saw "Kedi" a wonderful film about the cats of Istanbul and the web of humans who depend on them.