Monday, June 8, 2009


Presenting some delectable and typical Turkish treats.
Let's call this a "Part One," since I can't possibly fit everything into one post!

Dut, Mulberries: sweet and hm, indescribable really.
I remember going to my great-aunts' house somewhere in Istanbul
when I was a little girl, and there was a large suspended net
collecting dut as they fell from the tree.
She served me a pudding covered in ground pistachios.

Erik, Green Plum: super-sour and tart, they'll make you squint.
During a Fun Day at my primary school, we raced with eriks
balanced in spoons for coloured ribbons.

Kurabiye, Cookies: buttery and crumbly like shortbread,
often with an end dipped in chocolate and ground pistachios.
You can find these cookies in other countries
but they remind me of Turkey.

Pide: a thick baked bread with a variety of topping options.
I suppose it's pizza or calzone-like, usually formed into a boat shape.
This fine example is with kaşar cheese and a spicy sausage called sucuk.

Tulumba: sticky and sweeter than anything
with a little crunch and a soft, spongy middle.
Sadly, I can only have two before I get a sugar overload.

Baklava: buttery, nutty, syrupy and crispy.
I am sure most of you have tried a piece or two, but I have to say
The most delicious baklava is Turkish.

Çay, Tea: Strong, reddish and full of flavour.
Wash every heavenly bite down with a delicate tulip-shaped glass full of çay,
a black tea that can be sweetened to your liking with a sugarcube or two.
Or three. Or four.


Anna Denise said...

Yummmm, now I am hungry!

szaza said...

Heehee, I'm always hungry here!

elmhurst erik said...

I just learned today that I share my name with a green plum from Turkey! I co-worker who lived in Turkey told me. Awesome!

szaza said...

Haha— yes, and they are exquisite.