Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am back to drawing again, thankfully. I drew all day today and Saturday.
And my coffee grounds predict a rather hm... exciting future.


Siddartha Babbii said...

This are really good news! and your art is awsome welcome to the game again ! Samantha! share somethings soon! :D

Lady Orlando said...

Most excellent, my dear. Hope to see your lovely work soon :)

Yes, the cup tells things quite exciting ;D

Nice hairdo btw ;))

KatieK said...

The exciting item could also be seen as a sign of fertility, and being ready to be creative...unless, you know, it really is a cigar.

Anna Denise said...

:-) Yay!

szaza said...

Thank you Ben, Yoda, Katie and Anna :)

@ Yoda: haha, it's getting too long!
@ Katie: I guess we will see! ;)