Friday, June 12, 2009

lucky lucky

I had my first Turkish lesson yesterday at Tömer, which is right off Istiklâl in a lovely old building with great architectural details. So far, I really enjoy the teaching method— lots of speaking and absolutely no other language is allowed in the classroom. I learn best through conversation and immersion, so this should be just what I need.

If you're going to live in a country that is not your own, I strongly believe that you should learn its language. While you can coast by with English most of the time, the world just opens up to you once you learn its languages. The classes are four hours long and five days a week for a month, which should make a major difference in my communication skills.

During one of the breaks, I bumped into this charming fellow who was selling some random things on a table outside the school. I immediately spotted a small old tin– I don't normally collect things, but I do have quite a number of vintage tins that I use for my art supplies. Upon opening the tin I discovered the most glorious treasure a girl like me could hope for:

And not just any pen nibs— vintage nibs in perfect condition! It was like winning the lottery. I guess being pooed on by that pigeon in Prague really was lucky. I can't wait to try them out. I also found this clunky old camera that looks like it might work... now if I can just score some film.


Anna Denise said...

Aaah the nibs! What a lovely surprise! I love how you document your life.

Oh andddd I am wearing your scarf to work today and 3 people came up to me already to compliment me on it! :-) Thank you!

szaza said...

Thanks Anna!
I'm happy you like the scarf :)