Sunday, October 16, 2011

the 33rd intercontinental eurasian marathon

Twelve degrees and wet— not optimal for the 33rd Intercontinental Eurasian Marathon, in which runners and walkers have the unique opportunity to cross the Bosphorus bridge, from Asia to Europe. Buses on the European side picked excited participants up in Europe at around 7:10, and drove us to Asia, where we huddled together to wait for the start. Not being a runner (only if my life depends on it!), I took part in the 8k Fun Run, which began at 9:30.

I was lucky to come across this lovely scene on the bridge— fortunately, she said yes.
Proposing on a bridge may not be the wisest decision if you are rejected!

A European welcome.

I sketched while I walked, until the rain got so bad that I had to put away my sketchbook and pens. Red-nosed, with numb fingers, I walked the rest of the way home from the finish line. Walking and sketching from Asia to Europe only took me about an hour and a half; which surprised me. When I got home, I immediately peeled off my soaked clothes, ate a baked potato and crawled into my nice, warm bed for a nap.

Stay tuned for more pictures and the sketches.
Speaking of sketches, don't forget to enter the Win a Sketch competition!


Balaji Venugopal said...

What a wet, gloomy day! But perhaps runners prefer this to hot and dry.
Your photographs, and captions, are very interesting. The third one (the participants with fancy headgear)took forever to download, but it was worth the waiting.

Duru said...

Yay! I was there too (:

szaza said...

Thanks, Balaji.

Did you run or walk, Duru?
Wasn't it fun? :)

Duru said...

I walked of course.. When i started to run, my shoes were getting creamy (: It was a really nice event (: