Tuesday, October 11, 2011

plan b

Hello, friends.

Well it looks as though my plans to zip off to Cairo in early November will not come to fruition. I am wary of what seems to be an escalating violence in Cairo, and though I have a ticket bought and paid for, I am seriously considering flying off to a calmer city, elsewhere. I was really excited to return to one of my former homes, to smell the Sahara and see the tips of those pyramids rising above the curved blue spine of the Nile. I spent the last three years of high school in Egypt and have not been back since I left, a skinny, awkward seventeen year old girl. Memories hang in the acacia, the jacaranda, and blow in the dust, which finely coats the city. Cairo has long held a piece of my heart, and I have ached to revisit it.

Another time.

Meanwhile, I've got to think of another place to discover.


Joy said...

There's a whole wide world out there just waiting for you. =)

szaza said...

I cannot wait!

albina said...

Perhaps we are not meant to go back to "our" places when the romance of memory and reality are not aligned ... a whole world is a pretty good consolation for your wait :)

szaza said...

Wisely said, Albina.
I completely agree.
I have a ticket to a new destination already booked!
Stay tuned!