Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy republic day!

Eighty-eight years ago today, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk declared Turkey a Republic, officially dissolving the Ottoman Empire. Happy Cumhuriyet Bayramı, Turkey!


Duru said...

war veteran couple! (:
cute photo ♥

szaza said...

They were so cute— encouraging people to take photos with them!

barbara said...

I have a friend of many years and each room in her house was "just right", and each room was (for the most part) furnished/decorated from auction or yard sales....she had "the eye"...transforming the mundane to a work of art.

When I see your photographs that's the first thing I think of - Szaza has "the eye" and the instinct, that orange Volkswagon amidst the bland good!

I used to try and emulate my friend with the "eye" and every once in a while would get lucky, ditto my photos - among the hundreds taken every once in a while a jewel stands out - i think it's called practice, practice, practice for those of us without the "eye" and for that i am thankful that there are those i can emulate and learn from!

szaza said...

Thank you so very much, Barbara.
You really made my day!