Friday, April 17, 2009


The week before last, I was strolling around Beyoğlu and discovered a unique treasure trove of vintage goodies hidden up a tiny alley off a road that lead from Galata Tower to Istiklâl. My eye seems trained to spot out the word "vintage" from afar, and so I spied a hand painted sign that read "Vintage Bazaar." I followed the narrow alley and vintage dresses hung along the stone walls to the sound of Led Zeppelin seeping out of a doorway.

It was dim and cavernous— and when I say cavernous, I don't just mean it was large, but that the shop felt very much like a cave. The amount of gloves, jewelry, handbags and clothing was enough to excite any vintage lover. I was particularly interested in a pile of vintage family photos— I love old photos. I have a small collection that I bought back in Providence from the 30s and 40s, and would love to add to it.

Fehmi and his charming assistant Teegan

Binbavul means "A thousand suitcases," owner Fehmi Gören explained to me, and indeed the shop is full of suitcases used for display, décor and for sale. It's a neat place worth checking out if you are a fan of things vintage, or if you just want to poke around for an original gift. There's even a fireplace.

Address: Galipdede cad. No.66 Kuledibi, Istanbul


redrock said...

Harika! This is great stuff...I am so grateful that you are inclined to photograph, sketch and write so many wonderful things about this city. I can not wait for my trip to Istanbul,thanks!

szaza said...

Glad to be of service ;)