Thursday, April 2, 2009

forests and warm potatoes

When I was a little girl, I loved to take walks in the forest with my dad. It's been almost a decade since I have walked in a forest, so today's little venture into Belgrad Ormanı, or Belgrade Forest, was simply wonderful. It was so soothing to be in that quiet air that only forests have— singing birds, trees rustling, streams gushing. In a couple of weeks, the floor will be covered in yellow, purple and white flowers, and the trees will be showing off their new bright green leaves. I saw all sorts of birds— colourful finches, hooded crows and some kind of small bird of prey that was very well camouflaged.

The temperature had dropped considerably from Tuesday's warmth, and it started to drizzle. With my nose red and my fingers cold, what could be better than a hot baked potato from Mr. Kumpir— the baked potato vendors? Once in town, I bought myself a potato whipped up with butter, salt, cheese, topped with sliced hot-dogs in a savoury sauce and kısır— a delicious bulghur salad with tomato and red pepper paste. Heaven on a cold day.


redrock said...

Beautiful, charming and poetic! I am now officially spending too much of my workday living vicariously through your website! It is however worth it so please keep posting those beautiful photos, stories and sketches. I wish it were colder here so I could enjoy a bowl of soup!

szaza said...

Thanks Charlie :)

Chris Menice said...

That forest looks completely magical. Like something out of a fantasy story. I need a place like that.