Tuesday, June 9, 2009

don kişot

I took a trip to Kadıköy last week for some art supplies and thought I'd mention the shop Don Kişot. I stumbled upon this teeny art supply store while looking for another one I was told about, and discovered that not only did Don Kişot have most of what I needed, the owner was so friendly and nice, and the prices were the best I have found so far. Finding an art store with decent large canvases has been such a challenge for me in Istanbul, that I'm happy to have found this hidden gem.

After loading up on paints and ink, I wandered around the back roads in search of lunch, which I found at a pide stand.


Anna Denise said...

:-) Yay! Good art supplies are so difficult to find. I've only now come across one that I like but is a little on the expensive side, plus it closes real early. Hopefully I'll find a better one soon.

Cute boys at the food stand btw, lucky you!

szaza said...

I hope you find a better one too, it makes such a difference to have a good art store nearby!

Selma Aydemir Jachmann said...

The cheapest you can find in Eminönü.

szaza said...

Thank you Selma!