Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my hands' unwillingness

Lately I have not been able to draw.
It's a terrible feeling like a loneliness, not being able to draw.
It started three weeks ago but I think, I hope, this is about to pass.
I'm getting a flood of images in my head and they are welling up with no outlet.
Inshallah, soon, my hands will cooperate.


EscapeHatch said...

I was wondering what might have're normally so prolific. Maybe those classic pen nibs have got you intimidated? My suggestion...pull out some crap paper and just start doodling with whatever crap ballpoint that is laying around, before you know it you'll be rolling and ready to get the "good" art materials back out.

But I know...easier said than done right. Well, I for one have missed your drawings and I wish you the best of luck getting through this current block. In the meantime, I've been loving your photos and enjoying my vicarious journeys in Turkey. Thanks!

szaza said...

Thank you Tim, I'm glad you are enjoying the blog— and thank you for your encouraging words. I've lost someone I care about and haven't been able to draw since. It's all been so unexpected.

Siddartha Babbii said...

OH Samantha, this is so sad! but fortunately its not permanent, meanwhile try to laugh, smile, ahve fun and doing things you already enjoy to exsorcise those bad feelings, i know that th eday you finally decided to take a pen or pencil again in your hands some marvelous things will come! :D Good luck!

szaza said...

Thank you so much Ben :)

Cherry said...

Be violent with your hands.
They' ve got the right movement
just between the fingers,
( maybe they only need some rest ).

Take some air,
and listen to them.
They' ll tell you, in silence,
what they really need.

szaza said...

Thank you Cherry, I'm listening.