Sunday, June 28, 2009

le sunday

Coffee... a little drawing... a little thunder... a movie. I love going to the movies. In San Francisco, I lived around the corner from two marvellous theatres: the Lumiere and the AMC Van Ness. I went all the time— even to movies I wasn't interested in, for the simple pleasure of sitting in a room full of strangers, watching a story unfold on a big screen with a bag of popcorn. I hadn't been since I moved to Istanbul, and decided that today was the day. I went to see Angels and Demons, which is not something I would normally see, but the choices are pretty slim. I found it pretty entertaining— especially once I noticed that a certain priest was a certain Ewan McGregor. I've had a fondness for him ever since The Pillow Book and Velvet Goldmine.

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