Wednesday, August 5, 2009

so long

It's funny how seven months can just fly by and feel like they never happened. Walking these foggy streets, Istanbul feels like a dream; just about everything is right were I left it. There are naturally, a few noticeable differences. The sales tax may have risen a percent, bus fares may now be two bucks, caf├ęs and shops may have shut down with new ones in their place, and there may be far more "for rent" signs than when I left— but still, this is a city I can call mine.

I love sitting down with a friend and realising that time doesn't really mean much; you still laugh at each other's jokes, have that ability to confide, "get" those incomprehensible things about each other— even though much has happened in life, the friendship has remained a constant. The funny thing is, I feel that I have learned more about each friend since I have moved and come back. I didn't think it was possible, but I appreciate them even more now. I had a wonderful, bitter-sweet time in San Francisco, and even though I am looking forward to going home to Istanbul, I can't wait to return to SF.

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