Saturday, August 8, 2009


You just cannot visit New England without having some seafood, and you cannot have seafood without getting it from a roadside shack, and when you are in the Lake Winnipesaukee area in New Hampshire, it's lobster rolls from Tamarack. The beauty of a Tamarack lobster roll is that the good people of the shack respect the lobster (or "lobsta" as it is pronounced in the region); you get a toasted bun crammed full of the juiciest and and most delicately flavoured meat without a ton of mayo and celery and whatnot. Other lobster rolls have a fraction of the meat and will taste no different than a tuna salad sandwich. Well let me just show you the glory:

And it tastes even better than it looks. Every time I find myself in New Hampshire, I run over to Tamarack as often as I can to get my lobsta fix satisfied for the year.

Tamarack is on Route 3, about a mile north of Weir's Beach in Laconia.

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