Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the lady at the yeniköy spor kulübü

Breakfast was a humbler, less exotic (and much less expensive) cheese and tomato tost with a çay at the Yeniköy Spor Kulübü, where I have enjoyed sketching in the past. Every time I have been at the YSK, there's been this fabulous old lady who always, without fail, is sitting somewhere inside, frowning over a newspaper in her pearl necklace or faux-fur coat. I love drawing her. She sits alone, generally in the same spot or its vicinity, mutters to herself and shakes her head in disapproval as she reads.

Here she is today— and I've decided to share some of my previous sketches of her below:

I had one more, but the owner of the Spor Kulübü decided to keep that one. He's been known to whisk sketchbooks out of my hands and show my "models" their portraits. Our lovely lady here has seen my work— but I have no idea how she feels about it.

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