Saturday, September 4, 2010

pokhara to kathmandu, drawn

I found this woman on the bus to Dumre so beautiful with her fiery, flowery sari and matching bangles. Engrossed in her telephone conversation, she was completely unaware I was drawing her.

The mosquitoes were driving me batty, so I only managed to sketch this much of a house in Bandipur. I've taken to using coffee as my brush water, and I quite like the earthiness of the colours.

Below is a portrait of our trusty, bumpy microbus to Kathmandu. I was squeezed between a tiny woman in pink and the guy who collects the fares and yells, "KATMANDOOKATMANDOOOO!" out the window. He kept trying to stealthily take pictures of me next to him with his phone, and every time I caught him, he would laugh and say something in Nepali that would crack up the driver. I have no idea what on earth they were saying, but the whole thing had me laughing for a good bit of road. Their senses of humour and the incredible scenery made the four sticky hours pass with ease. I sketched our micro at a rest stop, which gathered the small group of our passengers. We went through my sketchbook page by page before hopping back onto the bus.

Once in Kathmandu, I noticed my hiking wound was developing an infection. So I drew it.
I now have some very nice, curved scars as souvenirs.



I love the way you fill the entire two pages. Thanks for sharing your trip and I hope your leg is / gets better now.

szaza said...

Thanks so much BellaStella :)
I'm glad you like them.
My leg is all better, nicely scarred.

Maria said...

Imspiering.really, Im gonna work harder on mt drawing because I saw this today! Thank you!

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Maria! I'm so happy to hear that my drawings make you want to draw— I don't know why I missed your comment, but months later, it has made my day!

Kancha said...

Nice, all of them. Woman on a bus to dumre-->like.