Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the return

I barely made my flight to Kathmandu. The flight out of Istanbul was so delayed that when I arrived in Qatar, I was left with twenty minutes to get to my connecting flight. Minutes evaporated in the sweaty heat as I boarded the inter-terminal bus and navigated my way through the crowd of bloodshot eyed passengers in the security check cue. The second I got my bags back from the x-ray machine, I ran. I ran like I haven’t ran in ages‑ thankfully it was a small terminal, and I managed to make it to my gate, red-faced and breathless, the last person admitted as the gate closed.

Four and a half hours were spent in a variety of contortions as I tried unsuccessfully to get some sleep. I was awakened by pink sunlight and pale clouds. As we moved closer to Kathmandu, I began to see somewhere in the distance, something sharp and dark, jutting out from the beneath cloud cover. Those familiar faces, those magical beings, the Himalaya.

My heart ached with a certain joy and longing as a bright tapestry of memories unfolded before me.
What will this adventure bring? Where will I go? What will I see? Who will I meet?
What will I discover?

We landed with a sway, and I with a smile.


barbara said...

the excitement builds - what a breathtaking (literally) start!

so glad you made your flight and landed safely - we're thinking of you and know that you will build on (was it just last year?) your earlier adventures (remember the ankle/shin cut?) so stay safe but at the same time HAVE FUN!


szaza said...

Thank you Barbara!
I am truly wondering what I will do-- with the exception of volunteering at SMD school, I have no plans whatsoever. I am thinking I may go up to Mustang, as the landscape is rumoured to be incredible. We shall see!

My leg is still scarred from last year's wander in the woods :)

lilasvb said...

nice to travel with you

szaza said...

Thank you, Lila.
It's nice to have you along :)