Sunday, June 12, 2011

the small victories

On this fine, unexpectedly sunny Sunday, I decided to tackle the assembly of the dreaded Ikea wardrobe. When I laid out all the pieces of white particle board on the floor of my empty living room, I thought there was no way in hell that I'd be able to put this monstrosity together without a second pair of arms and hands. After three cups of coffee and some peanut butter, I set my drawing aside, turned up my music and got out my screwdriver.

I built it, swore only once and thought, surely I cannot lift this thing; I'm much too small.
I ate some more peanut butter.

My friends, I now have a wardrobe. I only swore three times, I sang a lot, and I feel mighty proud.
Here's to the small victories!


barbara said...

well done, only swearing a few times is quite an accomplishment.

the last time i put together something similar - very simple but very tall bookcases - two of them - was about three years ago, sweat, swearing and tears were all part of the process, i couldn't believe putting these things together could be so complicated - simple bookcases and they came very close to going over the balcony! and every time i say never again it's never the last time.....BUT maybe i needed the magic of peanut butter....if there ever is another time i'll remember the peanut butter!

nice wardrobe btw! 8-)

szaza said...

Haha, thanks Barbara!
I really do not enjoy Ikea furniture assembly, but when you're on a budget and need function over form, it really is the best option. I have thrown hammers in the past and lost my temper over many an umlauted particle board shelf. I do think the peanut butter helped :)

Oh— and the loud music!
You can't hear yourself swear!

Sue Pownall said...

Congrats on completing it.

I'm intrigued by your drawing and would like to see more.

szaza said...

Thank you, Sue.
You will see more soon :)