Wednesday, June 15, 2011

two weeks

Kathmandu, there are only two weeks between us.
Two weeks until I am home again.

This is the beauty of being a nomad; the concept of home is not tied to a specific geographic location or a handful of people. It moves with and within you, like a pulse. You build a collection of homes as you move.

You find family wherever you meet them.
You find home wherever your heart grows.
You find love.


lilasvb said...


szaza said...

Thank you, Lila :)

Gabriele Valerio said...

gercekten, I love the things you write, the photos u take and your drawings... and the reviews about the food!
when I will leave Istanbul I will definitely check your blog to have that melancholic feeling that just who lived here can understand.. :)
and I think you should really try to start a career with your drawings, they are amazing!

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Gabriele!
I'm so happy you are enjoying Harika.