Friday, March 16, 2012

comfort food

While quietly creeping through the thin woods and cork trees in search of dippers, the sun fell behind the hills, turning the valley blue. Fingers became cold to the touch, noses and cheeks pink, and bellies began to call out for comfort— for something steamy and delicious.

In a little restaurant in Sertã, I was introduced to maranhos, traditional Portuguese comfort food. A mouth-watering mix of rice, chouriço and lamb, stuffed inside the stomach of a sheep and boiled in broth. It's simplicity and satisfaction with a touch of mint; the perfect way to get some heat into your fingers and toes, to hush that moaning belly.

Might I add that I just love the ever-present red clay olive dishes!

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Maria João Cardoso said...


I was looking in google some photos of Maranhos and I saw your blogue!!
Some news:
Next weekend, it will take place in Sertã a "gastronomic festivel of Maranhos". It will be very nice!!

I think that restaurant were you eat Maranhos was

We wait for you in Sertã, next weekend!!