Sunday, March 4, 2012


Portugal has long held a grip on my imagination and curiosity. For some reason, I have always associated a golden yellow with the little country, and longed to see if this yellow was all in my head or a fact. I arrived one hour before Friday turned to Saturday, full of excitement, a warm feeling in my chest.

When morning rolled through the streets of Lisbon, I reluctantly unfolded my limbs and pulled myself from the warmth of the bed into the shower— the waking process feeling like honey.

A quick stop at the cute Pastéis de Belém for coffee and the tastiest little custard tart (well, two of them), provided me with the necessary fuel I required for a day of discovery. The plan was to spend a day and two nights in Lisbon, then to head into Portugal's centre, and possibly its beautiful South too. There was a lot to see in so little time; only a fine wandering would do.

Fortunately, I had the most charming guide.
And the light, it was ever so slightly golden.

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