Sunday, April 14, 2013

feeling it

So I've let this drawing sit incomplete for far too long, and decided I'd better finish it once and for all. I got up real early today, made myself a cup of cardamom coffee, and grabbed some India ink and my dip pen. It took me eight hours to finish his face. I started this drawing in December of 2009, worked ferociously on it for a spell, then left it to gather dust. I don't know why, but I wasn't feeling it anymore. When I look at it now, two bottles of ink and many, many hours of controlled breathing later, I am feeling it. It's time.

You can see the very, very slow progress I've made here, and here, and here.
I'll take a higher quality photo soon. When I finish.

70cm x 100 cm, India ink.


dinahmow said...

In ink??? woosh!(I'm tired of wow!)
I love his hand on the basket.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! What a gorgeous record of life lived, and thoughts...thunk.. Although each section you showed is beautiful in its own right, the end result will be a great achievement - when its finished :)

Vicky said...

What an incredibly ambitious project. It must be exhausting to draw with such careful detail on an almost life-size drawing. It's amazing! I look forward to seeing the finished work.

Julia Kelly said...

Amazing, love the patterning in his sweatet.

Phoebe said...

This is wonderful! I'm excited to see it when you're done. I just... love it.

barbara said...

Stunning art work!!

You really can do it all!


szaza said...

Thank you all so much!
It has been an exhausting project, which is why I took a two year holiday from it, but I am feeling good about it. It has been a rough week, and revisiting this old drawing has been very soothing.
Thank you.

Sue Pownall said...

It's stunning!