Wednesday, December 24, 2014

i really do more than just eat

I realise that it looks like all I do in Portugal is eat, but I also look at art, visit historical sites, bird watch, contribute to collaborative doodles on paper tablecloths... But yes, it's mostly a lot of eating exquisite meals with family and friends.

I had no idea that Jello was so popular here!
I bet you're getting tired of food posts by now, no?


barbara said...

Love the food posts, and the photos of the food and the descriptions because a lot of the posts are about food I'll probably never get to experience but can enjoy vicariously through your posts, keep them coming!!

Raye S. said...

No no! More food! More food :))))

szaza said...

Haha! Well, I really can't help myself— there are just so many tasty things out there. I am glad you both enjoy the posts, and I will keep them coming! Thank you, Barbara and Raye :)