Monday, January 12, 2015

setting up

The Centre Culturel Bellegarde is such a beautiful place to have an exhibition, and I am honoured to have been included in the Carnets de Voyages en Orient show— to have my scribbles among the elegant watercolours of Christophe Pons, the dark and mysterious graphite explorations of Frédéric Rudant, and the sensual, dreamy landscapes of Maya Andersson.

It was so much fun to show with Pedro— I have long admired his work.


Raye S. said...

It's beautiful! What an honor and how exciting!
Somehow it hadn't dawned on me your work was so large, it is inspiring to see "in life" and so nicely framed.

Thank you for sharing your achievement with us :)

szaza said...

Thank you, Raye :)

LuTi said...

beautiful portraits

szaza said...

Thank you so much!