Friday, January 16, 2015

sketches of anatolia

And at last, here are some of the sketches from my adventure on The Great Anatolian Road Trip this summer, which were shared at the Carnets de Voyages exhibition in Toulouse. These drawings take you from Mevlana's final resting place in Konya to the ongoing archaeological dig at Çatalhöyük— from the quiet hills of Akseki, to Gaziantep's sun-bleached pistachio orchards.


sari said...

beautiful sketches!
how do you get to travel so much?

szaza said...

Thank you, Sari!

Well let's see, there are three main things that help make travelling easier in my life:

• I don't spend much money on day-to-day life, preferring to live simply so I can buy plane tickets instead
• As a teacher, I have a lot of holiday time, particularly around Christmas and during the summer months
• Istanbul is close to many interesting parts of the world, and airfare is relatively cheap and flight times quick.

Before I moved to Turkey and I was living in the US, I rarely had the opportunity to travel— everything was so far away, and getting time off work was very difficult. Now I try to take advantage of how close Istanbul is to so many places, and I use my time off to get out and explore.

Filipa said...

I hope you keep showing your sketches! They're beautiful!:)) i wish i could paint like this...

szaza said...

Thank you so much, Filipa!