Thursday, February 5, 2015

more sketches of anatolia

From the giant heads of Mount Nemrut, to the Mesopotamian plains of Mardin.


Vicky said...

I always love your drawings, but the last one, with the soft color and delicate shading is especially appealing.

szaza said...

Thank you so much! I was trying something a little more imaginative. For a while now I have been struggling to find interest in urban sketching, as it is purely on-the-spot representational sketching. I have been playing around with the way I used to fill my sketchbook, with patterns, written thoughts, and a bit of imagination. But I still enjoy looking at something and drawing it, hence the pencil drawings :)

Vicky said...

It may seem like representational sketching to you, but as a viewer, I see choices you've made in what to focus on, what to emphasize, and how you placed your drawing on the page. You have a distinctive style that seems to come from careful observation, thoughtful choices, and a respect for what you draw. I hope you never lose interest in any of your kinds of sketching because it is always such a pleasure to look at them. Thanks for sharing them with the world.