Thursday, February 5, 2015

playing with pencil

Lately I've gone back to basics with my sketching, working only in pencil. My goal is to focus on value, to practice with light and shadow. I feel that my drawings and paintings need a lot more contrast.

Now this surprised looking fellow above is not a study in value, but a quick note of the fresco of St. Theodore from the Chapel of St. Basil in Göreme. I wasn't allowed to take a photograph of his wonderful expression, so I stood among the circulating horde of tourists and did my best to capture it.

One of the subjects I tend to run away from drawing or painting is moving water. Here I've tried to get a sense of the crashing waves of the Atlantic, somewhere on the coast of Portugal. It's not that great, but I like the waves in the lower right side. I'm forever telling my students to face their challenges and work through them, and it's time I took my own advice.

Must keep practicing!

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