Saturday, March 14, 2015

end fgm

"The END FGM Mural is dedicated to Aissato Djalo and to all women, especially to those survivors of Female Genital Mutilation. An APF project- Associaçao para o Planeamento da Família (Family Planning Association) with the support of the city hall of Lisbon and GAU (Urban Art Gallery)."

This beautiful work of art was painted by Fidel Évora and Tamara Alves in association with APF, to help raise awareness in protest of Female Genital Mutilation. I caught it in passing while Pedro and I were walking through Largo Intendente in Lisbon, and feel that my photos do not do it justice. Stick2Target, a website dedicated to documenting urban art in Portugal, has much better images of the mural here.

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