Sunday, March 15, 2015

the moments that change your life

It was in this dark little room that my life changed, five years ago. I remember that first art class as though it were yesterday— the room full of shy kids eager to draw, who scarcely uttered a word for the first few days. We had copier paper and pencils, the erasers were cut into four pieces so everyone could have their own, and we drew whatever was around— ink bottles, keys, each other.

It's funny how you never know what moment will change your life until time has settled in. I never knew that the kids in front of me would become so dear to me that they would be my family, and that I would return to Nepal year after year.

Our group grew larger, and we moved to the cafeteria balcony. Some students got scholarships to study abroad, some returned to their villages to do service, some went to college, and some got jobs. Pedro and I got married. It's amazing, all the things that can happen in five years.

It's amazing how kids turn into young adults when you're not looking!


Rob Dunlavey said...

Such a gift! But who gives and who receives? Beautiful.

Unknown said...

Aww what a sweet post. Congratulations on all you have achieved in the last 5 years.

szaza said...

I feel that I have been given a beautiful gift— I am so very thankful to have such people in my life. Thanks, Rob.

Thank you, Sue!