Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Last weekend I went on a spontaneous trip to a town called Bodrum, which is on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Bodrum is an hour and a half flight from Istanbul and the perfect place to relax in the sun, swim in the sea and have a few cocktails. I can't think of anything I enjoy more than swimming in the sea— I was in that clear, clear water the second I could jump in. Since it was the beginning of the season, the weather was a bit chillier than I had hoped, but still quite lovely.

Bodrum is a massive tourist attraction in the summertime, but it was relatively empty this weekend. Being one of the few young females around, I had to put up with a lot of staring. Many tourists and foreigners living in Turkey are bothered by the staring, since we are brought up with the notion that it's rude— here, on the other hand, staring is quite a normal thing. Both men and women will stare, and I have found that it doesn't really mean anything. You just have to ignore it. I am actually happy to be in a culture that is open to staring—I can be as indiscreet as I want to be when drawing people in public.


Drawn In Chalk said...

Wow what a beautiful place - Im glad you have a travel bug, I didnt even know these places you are visiting existed!

Lady Orlando said...

That place is so beautiful.

I can't imagine to be there and people stearing at me, just for stare... but hey, yes ! is going to be easier to draw people :D

szaza said...

Isn't it lovely?
I do have the travel bug— bad.

The staring is weird, but you can either be bothered and self-conscious or ignore it. I'm so used to it now that I hardly even notice it, and in fact, I think I may have become a starer myself!

Sara Jean said...

isn't it an awesome place? i just moved here (bodrum) last july and love it.

i'm so curious, and please forgive me for asking, but are you turkish?

szaza said...

It's a lovely place!
What brought you to Bodrum, Sara?

I'm not Turkish, but my grandfather was :)

Seyhan said...

Bodrum is lovely in the spring and autumn=) My family has a house there and visit every summer but I prefer autumn. The emptier the better I think.

Yes, We Turks love to stare, especially old women(though I don't like it myself) =D

szaza said...

Oh how wonderful to have a house there! It must be beautiful in the autumn. I think it's lovelier when quiet too.

Haha, the old ladies do love to stare. I stare back at them, which I enjoy because then I think can get a good look for a drawing. But we end up just staring at each other! :D