Thursday, May 7, 2009

moleskines! moleskines!

Today I got a nice surprise from Marty— Gustav Klim's book for Moly-X29, the Rainbow Exchange. What makes 29 so different is that each artist picks a colour of the rainbow and can only create their piece using variations of that colour. Gustav is Yellow, Emma is Green, Marina is Blue, Marty is Indigo, I am Violet, Jill is Red and Yoda is Orange. It's a fun challenge, being limited to one colour. This book is one of the most spirited ones that has come my way— there's a freeness to the styles each artist has used so far. My work is generally pretty tight, so this is the perfect book for me to loosen up in.

I also finished my entry in my book for Moly-X64, the sequential art exchange. I used a dip pen and brush, Winsor & Newton India ink, white ink and some red gouache. I am encouraging the artists in 64 to continue the story as they imagine it, only using black, white and a spot of red. I think it'll end up quite visually interesting.

Now I've got to deal with the rest!
Please click on the images to see them in greater detail.


marina said...

Hey, Samantha! You and Rainbow Moly together is amazing!
I loved your enrty to Moly-X64 - great story and wonderful flow! (actually I got to your blog to see it larger)
Have a nice day!

szaza said...

Thank you Marina!
You have a nice day too :)