Monday, February 10, 2014

a museum to sketch

The first museum we visited was the Arheološki Muzej u Zagreb, one of the finest archaeological museums I have ever visited. The building was unassuming, but the displays, from lighting to the colour of the walls, were stunning. There was something for everyone: Neolithic figurines, Ancient Greek and Roman artifacts, Ancient Egyptian canopic jars, and a mysterious Etruscan mummy. If I had all weekend to spend in the museum alone, I'd try and sketch the whole collection.

As we entered the Egyptian Collection, a television crew of three came out from around a sarcophagus with a camera pointed in our direction. The museum had seemed empty until this point, and we must have looked like two deer caught in headlights, but the pretty lady with the microphone was reassuring, and politely asked if we would like to be interviewed for Croatian TV.

This is how we learned about Noć muzeja, or the Long Night of the Museums.

I have to follow this up with a second post, because that's how much I love this museum. If you're a jewellery enthusiast, get ready. Zagreb's Arheološki Muzej has a wonderful collection of ancient adornment.

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