Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a peek at konya


Beth said...

My mother-in-law was from Konya: she was Armenian. When she returned as an elderly woman she was told "there were never any Armenians here." It makes me happy though to see these pictures of her city.

szaza said...

I am so glad the Konya posts make you happy, and that you can see images of your mother-in-law's city.

I have been mulling over the experience we had in Eastern Turkey in regards to the Armenian population for two weeks now. There is virtually no mention that there ever existed a population, except in an archaeological museum which had a 'creative' retelling of history.

We saw the ruins of Armenian churches in several places (obvious because of the architectural style and Armenian script), but never, ever, was there any acknowledgement of whom these buildings belonged to. Ruins were explained as being "Urartian" or "Pontic", but never was the word Armenian used. Though the carpet salesman in Konya boasted a collection of antique Armenian doors and carpentry, telling us that "they were good at making things."

I was profoundly saddened.