Friday, July 25, 2014


Dotting the expansive landscape are clusters of tents, some like the ones above, and others round or octagonal. These belong to shepherds, who gather sheep from various villages into mega-herds, and move them across hills and plains during the summer months. The shepherds move in families, their children playing under wide skies when not involved in chores, or learning how to tend to the animals themselves. I was told that they are the remaining Yörük, nomadic Turks who traditionally moved across Anatolia and the Balkans with their flock, on camels and donkeys, but I am not sure.

The plains rose to massive, rocky mountains.

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Patricia Temiz said...

Last year on our most recent road trip to eastern Turkey I became fascinated with the contrast between the stark bare mountains (sometimes mesas) and the bright green growth of trees and crops in irrigated valleys. This image is an example of this visually highly stimulating contrast.