Wednesday, July 30, 2014

things to buy in gaziantep

Gaziantep was next on our agenda, and we rolled into town sometime in the early afternoon, just in time for a museum stop and some lunch (which I shall share with you in the following posts). Ever since the last time I visited Antep, I've had in mind a copper cezve— a little pot for making Turkish coffee— and despite my purposeful beeline to the Bakircilar Çarşısı, I got distracted by a great many things along the way. We bought a knife from the nice man above, wondered if we needed a carpet Che Guevara, were puzzled over knotted plastic bags of what looked like cola, and debated if we needed any more tea. I have a cabinet full of teas.

After purchasing a lovely little cezve, we sat down to a quick kahve before hitting the road for Urfa.

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