Wednesday, November 24, 2010

boundless minds

The Middelfart Sindssygehospital was founded in 1888, and officially closed its doors to patients in 1999. I want to say the hospital reopened as a museum in 2008, but I could be wrong— the site is in Danish. I had thought of photographing the museum as it was displayed to visitors, but I decided I'd rather try to capture a sense of the minds that could not be contained within its walls, by showing you their artwork, which I found profoundly moving.


stress1971 said...

Hi..I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Denmark. It's always great to see the local surroundings through foreigner's eyes. The museum at Middelfart Statshospital has been there for around 20 years or so but a couple of years ago it was turned over to Middelfart Museum and they run it today. In 1999 a new Psychiatric Hospital was opened just a few hundred yards from the old one.
Thanks for sharing the experience:-D

szaza said...

Thank you so much!
I found it a very fascinating place to visit :)