Friday, November 26, 2010

trains, pastries and cows


babs said...

How wonderful for you to be able to go and visit the actual places of your forebears.

I'm a great believer in learning about family history - perhaps because as a child we moved around so much there was (for me) never much "rootedness", sad to say I didn't discover the need to record the past until it was too late to talk to those that really could have shed some light...even on simple things such as how it was growing up on a farm in a log house (my mother), so now I have to rely on archives, census reports, etc.

Your posts and pictures are such a delight - thank you


Anja Dalby said...

Thank you once again for showing me my country! I REALLY enjoy your posts. If you need a couch north of Aarhus, then you are more than welcome at my place.
Thanks again.

szaza said...

Thank you so much Barbara, I do know too well this feeling of "rootlessness," as I grew up travelling from country to country. I was raised a nomad, and have very little sense of a "home" except where I decide it is at the moment. I do love connecting with storied of the past, and discovering the lives of the people who lived their own adventures— who I am tied to in some way. It's a marvellous thing to think of my grandad, his cousin, my great-grandad and The Captain— all these wonderful characters, so rich in stories.

I'm so happy you like the posts, Anja! Thank you for offering me your couch— I will definitely be back in Denmark and spend more time exploring :) Thank you.